Equality and Hope in America

Equality and hope seemed to have been the deciding factors in Tuesday’s election. Despite all the mean political ads and money spent to strike down equality, the voters came out to overwhelmingly vote for equality and hope in America.

The good news: President Obama was reelected for a second term. Maryland voters made their voices heard by voting in John Delaney and ousting Roscoe Bartlett.

The Maryland people voted for Marriage Equality in Maryland! Maine voters overturned a referendum that had not allowed same gender marriage. Washington State’s tally won’t be official for a few more days; however, it appears Washington will join Maryland and Maine in approving same gender marriage. The people in Minnesota voted against an amendment that defined marriage as being only between a man and a woman.

An openly gay senator, Tammy Baldwin, was elected in Wisconsin.

I certainly hope that the message of equality will sweep across our nation so that the election of 2016 will realize even more affirmations of equality for ALL people. Now that the election of 2012 is over, I hope that businesses will again begin hiring people and not just for the Christmas season. I hope that workers will be treated with respect and will receive living wages and necessary health care and benefits.

It was through the efforts of well-intentioned and hard-working people that President Obama was reelected and equality was realized in some areas of our country. We must not become complacent because equality was realized in Maryland – let’s stand up and encourage equality for the many people who are marginalized and oppressed in the rest of our country.

With much love and blessings,


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