be MCC

As you may have heard, our denomination’s new “brand” or focus is “be MCC”. We are all tasked with “TRANSFORMING OURSELVES AS WE TRANSFORM THE WORLD”.

How are we to do that, you might ask? Today’s scripture readings tell us of a young prophet who is called by God to take God’s word not only throughout the area now known as Israel but also into foreign nations. The Gospel teaches us about Jesus who was not afraid to speak the truth to the people of his home town.

God raises up leaders who can begin the work of change – change that is not always welcome and is often met with anger and resistance. Change that can help us to transform ourselves so that we can then advocate for and be the change that transforms the world.

Look at the latest changes in our church: volunteer community outreach projects, plans for concerts, dinners out, our music committee, and new worship and learning opportunities just to name a few. Together, these changes will help our church to grow into being the church that God wants us to be. A church that thinks and acts outside of a “box” so that we can spread the message of God’s inclusive love not only in our towns and communities but into the wider communities of the world.

Each change that we make at New Light MCC opens up an opportunity to TRANSFORM OURSELVES AS WE TRANSFORM THE WORLD. Please help us be part of this wonderful transformation!

With much love and many blessings,


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